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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 18, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the orange shaded areas are the warnings that are now cutting across the eastern shore. let's check out hd doctoring you can see the line of storms and continues pressing south towards cambridge from the west. gusts of 45, 50, 60 miles per hour. this is coming down really heavy and floating out roadways as it comes through. flooding rains as well. the difference is this is moving rapidly and behind it, beautiful summer weather coming through. >> we are do here in miller ireland. -- island. there are some flooding conditions on chesapeake avenue. we have video to show you out what it looked like at noon
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time. we were talking the wind here between 35-45 miles per hour. it was pretty much breaking over the top of the breaking water here. from what we could tell, there were no evacuation's in progress. however, baltimore county police, fire, and emergency operations have been monitoring the situation. they have a watch going from 6:00 tonight until 2:00 a.m. when high tide hits around 9:00 or 10:00 tonight, that is when they may have issues. the good news is that the winds have died down to 20 miles per hour. >> thank you, capt. roy taylor. tuesday in form, download the
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insta-weather app. it's all free and available for your iphone, ipad, and android devices. >> breaking, this was the scene 90 minutes ago on the innerloop of the beltway. we're told several people were injured in a multi-vehicle crash between 95 and wilkins avenue. this shows one of the vehicles may have been a special needs ban. baltimore city police are looking into the shooting of a researcher at nih. he was murdered last night near his home. lowell melser is live outside the city police h headquarters. >> they're calling this a tragic and senseless crime. a 51-year-old researcher with nih and on the down in front of his home. they believe that this was an attempted robbery that ended in
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murder. baltimore city police detectives are canvassing around this area looking for clues after dr. marvin is gunned down monday night. >> it was believed he was entering or exiting his vehicle away.d a few blocks >> he was an exuberant, happy, joyous, terrific guy. >> people are congregating and they did not wish to talk to 11 news. the music director of the baltimore choral arts a sword a -- society said he had left practice that night at 10. he had been a research assistant professor at college park and a postdoctoral fellow at the
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school of medicine. officials with nih confirmed that he was most recently a contract analyst for the gov ernment. >> we are concerned and we will keep him in our prayers. any performing group will tell you that we are like a family. we have lost a very dear and an important family member. >> marvit did not have a police records of their treating this as a robbery with a fatal ends. >> there is no evidence to suggest. >> detectives are looking for any help from the public they can get. if you have information, you are asked to call metro crime stoppers at 866-7-lock-up.
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lowell melser come wbal's from tv 11 news. >> within the last 90 minutes, detectives have confirmed have made an arrest. kelly ellerby, jr., the man who opened fire last week. he targeted his 19-year-old victim last wednesday. neither the suspect or the victim are students at morgan state and the school was placed on shut down. he will be facing multiple charges tonight and we will bring you the details that they become available. baltimore county is launching a search for a security and safety director after two incidents in baltimore county schools. school security post is one that has become a necessity for neighboring anne arundel county. tim tooten spoke with their top cop. >> they hired their first school security officer almost 10 years
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ago. this is gonna long way in trying to keep students safe. >> we brought everyone in from the portable classrooms because of a tornado watch. we are part of an office that handles physical security as well as personal safety issues, personal -- emergency planning. >> they also carry out security measures in the school system. part of his job is to work one- on-one with school resources police officers. >> we do drills during the year to make sure that they're ready. if any kind of emergency occurs, it will not be a drill. you have to have that mindset. >> they can stay connected to the head of the county fire and police departments. >> i can talk directly to them.
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it helps make the schools a safer place. >> it is one reason the job has become so critical in recent years. >> during the school day, anything can happen. to have someone you can call and say here is this incident, this situation, what can we do? >> this is one reason the job has become so critical in recent years. crime in high schools in anne arundel county is at a five-year low. line in the newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> parents in anne arundel county are at high alert tonight. there is a man performing what may have been a lewd act in front of an elementary school. tonight, we have obtained a surveillance images. it happened on town center blvd. it was reported thursday after regular school hours but it is concerning because they care and
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sports activities were still going on. anyone with any information is asked to call the police up 410-221-5555. >> al qaeda making new threats over the anti-islam video. this factory suicide attack relating to the protests killing at least 12 in afghanistan and violence erupting across the region. reporting from washington on how the outrage is affecting the u.s. mission in the middle east. danielle. >> good evening, stan. the major focus has been on afghanistan and the decision to scale back a joint operations with troops. some wonder if it will hurt chances to leave the country. they scraped up debris and carried away the victim's
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following an attack that killed 12. no americans were hurt but the bombing was out of revenge for the anti-islam video made in the u.s. >> there resorted to efforts that tried to strike and create chaos. >> it is the latest sign of turmoil as they scaled back following an unprecedented amount on attacks on u.s. soldiers. >> we just thought it would reduce the amount of exposure to our troops. >> jay carney says this will not delay plans to leave the country in two years. >> the transition the president has laid down will be going forward. they're calling on them to kill more s -- more u.s. diplomats.
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in pakistan, protesters stepping on images of president obama. setting fire to a police vehicle. circumstances reinforcing the need for presence in the region. today, the white house is saying they have not ruled out the possibility about an attack in been gauzy being planned. wbal-tv 11 news. >> it's hard to believe, but we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of the sniper attacks around the maryland and d.c. area. returning is the public face of the investigation. later today, the investigator who led the search for the shooter over the terrifying 3 weeks will be sharing with their remember about the shooting spree with other law-enforcement officers. it was october 2002 when two men
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terrorized the d.c.-maryland- virginia. most were later convicted. the discussion starts in about an hour and the 11 news crew will be there with a full report tonight at 11. for horse racing fans in maryland, it is the end of an era. >> the last horse raised in state and to win the prick it -- win the preakness has died. >> can maryland established in the economy? how the governor plans to do that coming up.
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>> said news from the nfl tonight. the president of nfl films steve sabol died after his fight with brain cancer. it is started working with his father, ed, back in 1964. there revolutionized sports broadcasting and helped make the nfl the most popular sport. he joins his father in receiving the lifetime achievement emmy from the national academy of television arts and sciences in 2003, one of 35 emmys he has received during his lifetime. he is survived by his wife, son,
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his parents, and his sister. he was 69 years old. for horse racing fans, the end of an era. the last maryland-bred horse to win the preakness has died. he passed away this morning at the age of 32. he was born and bred here. pharma managers confirm that is where he died. he was the long shot when he won back in 1983 by a head. the track was muddy which made the victory even more exciting and shocking for spectators. he spent his last years at the farm rusting and reading more than two dozen top running horses. >> an alarming report on obesity rates in america. numbers are expected to skyrocket by 2030 with 39 states
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now expecting to have an obesity rate of greater than 50%. we are ranked 22 nationwide when it comes to of the city. more than 28% of the adult population is considered obese. now i knew report is raising concerns. erica edwards explains. >> canned goods are often a go- to foods for busy parents trying to get a meal on the table quickly. a chemical used to prevent corrosion in the lining, may benol a, or bpa making children that. >> we were surprised the association was so strong. >> they lead a study that found kids with the highest concentrations in the systems were twice as likely to be obese. >> defect was found only in white children and teens. >> childhood obesity is mostly a
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product of an unhealthy diet and poor physical activity. increasingly, environmental chemicals also play a role. >> the plate -- a point to other research that because it the way it is process that it's very unlikely that it could cause health effects it at any realistic exposure levels. another report from the robert wood johnson foundation predicts skyrocketing obesity rates if it continues to widen at its current rate. >> 39 states will have obesity rates over 50%. but the report indicates it is a problem in every single state. though some communities are starting to take control of the issue by transforming school lunches and building up family- friendly parks and open spaces. eric of edwards, wbal-tv 11 news. -- erica edwards.
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>> perform the first mother to daughter universal transplant without complications involving two women in their 30's receiving wombs from their mothers. one lost theirs to cervical cancer and another was born without one. it will be considered a success if they can deliver children. >> breaking news from the maryland transportation authority. trains on mta 10 are running a delay of 15-60 minutes. a downed tree is being removed right now on the brunswick line. the delays there are now 30 minutes-one hour. they will be accepting tickets this evening. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a lot of severe storms now
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moving across the eastern shore and rapidly pulling away from baltimore. conditions will be improving but you're still dealing with dangerous conditions as far is very heavy downpours on the leading edge of this line of storms. some lightning mixed in as well but we have not seen a whole lot of lightning. they come through with the tropical downpours. even a few rumbles of thunder. the on the lookout out there. -- be on the lookout. we would quickly make their way in delaware as well. all the way down through the line of storms is coming in. west of the bay, rapidly improving conditions with showers out in the mountains. this front will get year later tonight and clear out the skies, but the threat of severe weather is way in advance of the front. those are just scattered
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showers. the heavier storms are out in front of it. we will keep an eye on it. a number of watches, warnings, and advisory. they have been canceling this as the front continues to movies. the orange county still has severe thunderstorms in the area. a wind advisory was strong southern winds ahead of this front gusting up to 45 miles per hour at times of this advisory remaining for delaware. flooding ahead of the front and it's taking a while for the water to drain through. warnings in effect back into frederick county for two-four inches of rain in localized areas and will take a while for that to diminish. a coastal flood advisory still in effect for the eastern shore.
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all of this is because a cold front is coming in. temperatures near 80 rounds of debris but only 59 in oakland. that sharp contrast, this burst of fall-like air, that is sweeping in and triggering showers and storms. the storm will go through overnight tonight. until midnight, we still have a chance for a shower, but the severe storms will move off the coast in the next few hours. a big sprawling area of high pressure is behind it. the middle of the week looking pretty nice contrasting to today. shares and storms gradually clearing. tomorrow, we will see sunshine, a brisk northwest wind, and high around 75-80. the insta-weather + seven-day keeps the weather going nice throughout the rest of the workweek. the first day of fall is saturday and chance for an evening thunderstorm. ravens football looking pretty good. highs in the low 70's. >> some contractors in
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georgetown were paid to pick a driveway and they found something the a lot different. >> and intact skeleton dating back to the 19 -- 1800's. >> the baltimore ravens are joining the conversation about?k
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> it's a big concern for parents watching their kids on the playing field. >> the baltimore ravens are helping raise awareness about concussions. we have more on how they are tackling the problem. >> the ravens and sports medicine says they have a message about proper treatment. if they take away just one thing -- when in doubt -- sit it out. baltimore ravens and their positions are adding their race -- but their voices to a chorus about the impact of concussions.
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>> it can potentially be dangerous. >> they're the stars of this new public-service announcement. aimed at students, athletes, and their coaches. a new state law requires more training for coaches and limiting when students can get back in the game. >> you have to know how to handle it. you educate yourself before that to make sure you are aware of. >> the way to handle it can be boiled down to a catch phrase. >> when in doubt, said it out. >> it can change the culture of athletes. sitting out a game does not mean you're giving up. >> it is not only a paradigm shift for a young athlete to step out when they do have symptoms, it is a shift for those of us were parents. >> it's a big concern not only for student athletes but the nfl as well changing rules to make the sport safer.
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the ravens are investing $125,000 over five years just to raise awareness. the voice of their athletes could make a bigger impact. >> being an older person and going through with have gone through is something that should give a little bit of credibility from the athlete's side. >> also part of the outreach, 150th and high school football coaches and athletic directors are getting sheets highlighting the signs, symptoms, and treatments for concussion. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 11 news continues to monitor severe weather making its way through the region. >> a live look from capt. roy taylor and the sky team 11 literally following the path of the storm. >> the governor r
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>> live. local. late-breaking. newse watching wbal-tv 11 and stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer and sky team 11 covering breaking news where you live. wbal-tv 11 news at 5 continues now. >> 11 news continues to monitor severe rather -- severe weather in the region. many other areas are under wind advisories and other concerns so let's get to tom tasselmyer tracking everything in the
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insta-weather + center. >> great news for the areas west of the bay. weather conditions are improving drastically. it has been canceled for those west of the bay. they're making their way through the eastern shore. gusting wind out ahead of this as well. the main threat is flooding rain coming down in a short period of time and gusts up to 60 miles per hour. again, west of baltimore now, rapidly improving on the western shore of the bay. how bumpy is an up there? it must be a wild ride this afternoon. >> it was earlier. 2,500 feet.
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if you look at the back of this storm, it is a fairly define the line going through. we have 20 miles visibility. as you can see right here, the cloud has worked its way upper to the east. it is moving at a rapid pace. we will keep an eye on it and let giono which come up with it. live from sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. >> carry radar with you everywhere you go with our new iphone and android app with interactive radar. >> of the job market in baltimore. where are the best jobs and how can you get them? >> with the best way to get people the skills they need to get work? lindsay collins joins us with
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what people may be overlooking s us.vid collins majoincs >> the challenge is getting them the skills employers are looking for. it is an opportunity providing free training for entry-level biotech jobs. gov. martin o'malley showcasing the biotech institute of maryland well-positioned for success in the new economy. they provide free specific trading for entry-level jobs. >> we want to be the catalyst and highlight where the job opportunities are. >> they see this as a long-term stability.
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baltimore city's unemployment rate is 11.3%. two of our neighbors are faring better. virginia, 5.9%. pennsylvania is 7.9%. the greater baltimore area has been shedding jobs. they say maryland is an expensive state to do business. with big corporate tax rate and an income-tax increase for those making $100,000 or more. >> we know it's an expensive state to operate. that seems to be our problem. >> the impact of congress failing to agree on a budget may hit harder. sequestration will cut $500 billion from defense spending over 10 years. the state has been sheltered by federal jobs and contracts. >> there are talks about cuts across the board amid have a devastating impact and could create another 2%-3% increase in
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unemployment. what the department of labour is behind this club and this is a free service to ride resources to get the skills employers are looking for. details on that program in at 6. live from the newsroom, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> jobs have been the hot topic in the race for the white house. tonight, the focus has shifted. some republicans are wringing their hands over ronny's negative remarks caught on tape over comments about those who do not pay income taxes. steve handles mental us -- handlesman tells us about the response. >> ronny's problem as he was talking to will the republicans like himself, donors for his campaign, not realizing that someone was surreptitiously rolling a video camera. he shared his personal, harsh views, and the less well-off americans and why he thinks they tend to back barack obama. ronny went to salt lake city
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with the focus today on his florida fund-raiser in may that was secretly taped. romney said that for 47% of americans in panama income-tax they feel they are victims. >> they believe they are entitled to health care, food, housing, you name it. >> he said they will not take personal responsibility. >> i will not worry about those people. they need to take personal responsibility of their lives. >> ronny scrambling to say he meant the camry about getting their votes. >> i'm not likely to be highly successful with the message of lowering taxes. >> chris christie, paul ryan, they would never say that in a million years. this guy just seems to be too
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insulated by wealthy and buy life experiences. >> other republicans say -- >> we have a campaign in which those who support big government are on one side and those who support the private sector are on the other side. >> more than 16 million seniors are exempt from income tax. president obama does not see them as irresponsible or victims. >> it does not think middle- class families are paying too little in taxes. >> ronny said both -- said something they both agree with, that this is down to 5%-10% of voters based on who they like mark. now the question is whether his newly revealed remarks making more or less likable. from washington, steve handlesman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still had tonight, a homeland security employee may have gone too far.
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>> and how his improper use of a government helicopter could cause him his job. >> i can see on the c-span
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>> human remains were found considered historic in nature and believed to be at least 150 years old. they were digging a driveway when they made the recovery. the remains of a wooden coffin along with an intact skeleton. contractors say a piece of equipment struck the skull which was when they notified police. according to a forensic experts, they could make a number of similar discoveries in the area. >> we expect to see other areas in d.c., as more construction goes on, because there are other cemeteries that were associated with church is no longer in the area. >> the body is believed to be that of a male, 35-40, likely buried in the 1850's.
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>> in northern virginia father got carried away trying to help his son landed a time coming. the department homeland security used off the customs and border protection helicopter to hover over his son's eyes cold and dropped a teddy bear with a homecoming invitation-- his sons's high school and dropped a bear. they're looking into the matter. we're keeping an eye in chicago and where hundreds of delegates are gathering to debate a proposed contract. the the first step of forecasting a critical vote that could and the first teacher strike in 25 years. teachers at the picket line last week when they could not meet a contract deal. have a tentative deal at hand but they want more time to study it. they will vote today whether to extend the strike or keep walking. the general feeling is that they will probably head back to the
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classroom. it will be a relief for a lot of people come i'm sure. >> a safety breach on microsoft's internet explorer. >> the weak point is already being used to target an attack. how to protect your computer from a fast-moving bug. style"] ♪m >> it's making its way to the midshipmen at the u.s. naval academy. it has already bought 500,000 years. >> severe storms tracking to the eastern shore and heading to the coast. right now, 68 at bwi marshall and 72 downtown.
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>> coming up on 11 news at 6, the scene today as water was flooding the island and it seems the rough weather is sticking around. plus, an effort to make baltimore county schools even safer. the new position superintendent looking to fill. these and more anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino...
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not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. >> under the award winning authors and best-selling chefs will converge for the baltimore book festival and we are already getting a taste of what to expect. the winner of cupcake wars will join city officials to announce
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the big expansion for the major events. we know it features more than 200 authors, music, food, and wine. a tutorial on how to decorate the perfect cup cake. the premier mid atlantic celebration for the literary arts. >> it is so vibrant and it brings books to life. it's so perfect for early readers. >> it will be held sept. 28-30 at mount vernon's place. >> breaking news from sky team 11. an accident in southeast baltimore affecting traffic on 895 north and has vehicles backed up to the harbor tunnel. we are hearing this is a multi- vehicle accident. no word right now on whether it is whether-related. -- weather-related.
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anytime the roads are wet. >> it's going to be a mess. >> at least it's not friday? [laughter] >> this system is moving on through. the eastern shore still dealing with a rough weather. this will be off the coast in a few hours. some might -- some nice weather returning tomorrow. -runs stretching from the shore down to dorchester county. acidic years to adjust to the east making a sleigh in the west and parts of caroline county encounter cambridge. it's really on the leading edge of this line of river we have the wind gusting to 60 m.p.h. assigns fifth three at the time stereophonic the tornado watch
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has been canceled last of the base. again, it will just be another few hours before we can get the all clear to the eastern shore. you're the actual cold front in pennsylvania that will get year later tonight once it passes by and these guys will actually clear. the worst of the weather is well to the east. the yellow counties or a tornado watch. delaware, eastern shore maryland, and the warnings for the strong storms right now in queen anne's carolina, and calvert. strong winds at the front gusting up to 40 m.p.h. at time. northwestern carroll county. be very careful. do not try to drive through flooded roadways. you can see areas to the northwest of baltimore. this is why they are dealing
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with flooding in those locations. just over half an inch of rain. really heavy stuff north and west of town. half an inch below normal. the high temperature today even with clouds and showers above normal. 79 degrees is the average. 68 for the low so far but we will likely go below that as we go towards the late-night hours. already 68 at the airport. that is the low for the day unlikely it cooler before midnight because of the chilly air moving south and east. it is the collision of the air masses with the cooler fall air coming out of the lakes where the two collide. an area of low pressure on the gulf coast is really adding tropical-like moisture which is why we are getting the heavy downpours. skies will gradually clear. 70-75 tomorrow.
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a beautiful-sunny day with northwest when that 5-15 miles per hour. thursday looks great, friday beautiful. a chance for another storm saturday afternoon. paul began saturday with a nice weather and 71 degrees. once we begin tonight with a look at wall street. the dow jones is the only one of the big three showing any positivity today to finish at 13,565. the nasdaq took a turn south to finish at 3178 and the s&p closing at 1450. this after fedex officials revealed a gloomy outlook on the global economy. the economic situation worldwide is getting worse. they're raising concerns because fedex ship dollar around the world. it is understood that they have a good view of economic activity.
5:51 pm
they're going so far as to say that the global economy is stalling pointing to a recession-like conditions. a warning to all windows users to install a security tool. they have found a bug in the internet explorer browser. if that the brothers used by hundreds of millions of consumers and workers. it could allow hackers to take remote-control of an infected pc. a free tool is available on and this will be an interim fix until they can release a more secure version of internet explorer. finally, tonight twitter has a new look. look at the before and after on the "today" header page. pp.there is a new a >> i am crazy about it.
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no one can resist the gangnam style dancing craze. after seeing this video, you might not be able to either. style"] ♪ ♪ >> yeah. going gangnam have gone viral. they usually make these spirit spots ahead of a big football game. this has more than 300,000 hits on youtube. you know what else is getting a lot of hits?mindy besara was caught practicing her own gangnam skills. you can see the video on sorry, mindy. the search is on for the person who killed a well-known
5:53 pm
researcher. police briefed the media downtown and we on the latest on that investigation had at 6. >> students at this high school are getting an up close and personal look at the campaign trail thanks to the c-span bus. i'm can they see and i will take your board next. -- i'm kim dacey and that's next.
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>> 5 delegates from singapore are in town which is the brainchild of an interesting concept. childrens learn from work in a community building. then they focus on hands on experience with specific career fields. they went to share their concept of teachers and staff. they toward the exhibit which uses all emotions. students at can what high in essex were privy to an exclusive look at the road to the white house this morning, a visit from c-span. kim dacey explains in commitment 2012. >> c-span's campaign 2012 bus rolling in to essex tuesday
5:57 pm
morning. >> this is an election year and we want to make sure we get our kids involved in the whole political process and understanding what it means to be a citizen and everything else that goes along with it. >> 150 students got to board the bus to your presentation. >> the green party, libertarian party. >> i got to interact with all kinds of seeds and resources and test their knowledge. >> they can actually look at our c-span video library. >> the ideas they will learn to use these resources to research the wrong personal questions or use them in school. >> we can use it for class discussions or have to do a project. >> i definitely go to this
5:58 pm
website to learn anything about government. >> they will be 18 in time to vote in november. administrators hope that this will encourage them to become an active part of our electoral system. >> c-span gives them a good overview of the whole system. hopefully it entices them to get more involved. >> this will give them access to the white house. it >> here's a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. >> we are tracking these on hd doppler radar coming up next. >> a well-known nih researcher gunned down. i have a live report on the investigation.
5:59 pm
>> i nikole killion in washington with more on the comment controversy coming up. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live. local. a late-breaking. this is 11 news at 6. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a mass has been sweeping through maryland with a beautiful and of summer weather. >> mother nature brought several lines of weather. we begin with sky team 11 and capt. roy taylor who has an interesting look at all the conditions from up above. >> you are looking and miller's island on chesapeake avenue and what it looks like right now. some of the water has started to recede. we do not have high tide coming in as of yet. earlier today around noon


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